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'Other provinces do it': Sask. defends decision to make schools fly provincial flag


Saskatchewan's Minister of Education Jeremy Cockrill defended his decision to require schools to fly the provincial flag. His comments come as the province works out how to supply the needed flags and any additional flag poles.

“There’s lots to be proud of in our province,” he said.

The policy change officially became law when the province passed the Parents’ Bill of Rights on Oct. 20. The change was in the form of an amendment to subsection 184 regarding the display of the Canadian flag both outside and inside schools in the province.

“We have a beautiful flag,” Cockrill said. “Other provinces have this in their legislation as well.”

The ministry said it is working with school divisions to roll out the implementation of its new policy.

Several school divisions CTV News reached out to said they would reserve comment due to the recent nature of the bill’s passing.

Regina Public Schools did say many of their schools fly both the Canadian and Treaty 4 flags outside. While the Saskatchewan flag is prevalent inside and at the division office.

Prairie Valley School Division added 25 of their 39 school have just one flagpole.

“If a second pole is necessary, those will be a part of the discussions with school divisions,” Cockrill responded.

NDP Leader Carla Beck believes the government should foot the bill given the tight budgets school boards already deal with.

“Who’s going to pay for it?” she asked. “That would be the sort of thing I would expect a government who brought us in for an emergency session would have thought about ahead of time.”

The province said it is still building an inventory to see how many flags are needed to supply the 600 schools across Saskatchewan.


Reaction to the policy comes as some criticized Premier Scott Moe for removing the Canadian flags from the Legislature’s media room during a press conference prior to the throne speech last week.

“The room is used for a variety of purposes,” his office responded in a statement. “Flags are adjusted for each and in accordance with flag protocol which outlines the order of precedence for when the provincial flag is displayed among other flags.”

Beck said she is a proud Saskatchewan resident as well as a proud Canadian.

“What is at the crux of all this is a divisive style of politics,” she added. “Regardless of political affiliation or where people live, everyone should have the expectation their leaders are serious about getting to the table about trying to find solutions to things people are facing.”

Both the Saskatchewan and Canadian flags were displayed behind Premier Moe during an interview with CTV’s Power Play on Monday.

Many Canadian flags are displayed throughout the Legislative building, including on top of the building alongside the Union Jack.

The Ukrainian flag is also flown outside and an Israeli flag is displayed in the rotunda outside of the Legislative Assembly. Top Stories

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