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Sask. schools may be legally required to fly provincial flag


Schools in Saskatchewan may soon be required to fly the provincial flag, if an amendment to the education act passes in the legislature.

The change comes in the form of a single line in the government’s proposed Bill 137 – known as The Education (Parents’ Bill of Rights) Amendment Act, 2023.

Subsection 184(1) of the act reads: “Subject to the regulations, every school shall provide for the display of the flag of Canada outside and inside the school building.”

The amendment would add “and the flag of Saskatchewan” to the section.

“There’s a requirement for the Canadian flag to be flown at schools all across the province. I think it’s important for all of us to be proud of the country that we live in,” Minister of Education Jeremy Cockrill told reporters.

“Similarly we believe that there’s a lot to be proud of by living in this great province of Saskatchewan.”

The move is not a first in Canada, according to Cockrill.

“Alberta already requires their provincial flag to be flown at schools,” he explained. “So certainly we saw an opportunity here to add that to the legislation.”

The Ministry of Education says it will be working with school divisions to determine flag inventories and next steps to assist in ensuring the provincial flag is flown at all schools in the province.

“The development of attitudes, understandings and skills that support active and responsible citizenship is foundational to Saskatchewan curricula, and the provincial flag is an important part of our history and culture,” the ministry’s statement read.

In a response to CTV News, a spokesperson for the Saskatchewan School Boards Association said the organization cannot comment on any pending legislation “as the related ongoing matter remains before the courts.

The amendment is a small part of the province’s Parents’ Bill of Rights as the special sitting of the legislature enters its seventh day. Top Stories

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