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'Part of my job': Mayor says Dubai trip an opportunity to promote Regina’s climate friendliness

Regina city council has approved a trip to Dubai that will see Mayor Sandra Masters attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

In an interview with CTV Morning Live Saskatchewan, Masters said it’s her job to promote the city and she believes Regina is a good news story when it comes to positive climate practices.

“We have a really great news story here to talk about with climate friendly practices when it comes to dryland agriculture and production of renewable diesel, and every country in the world is interested in food and food shortages,” Masters said.

Masters said the trip also provides a promotional opportunity for investments that are currently happening within the city that could provide positive economic spinoff.

“Part of it is about promoting for example the agriculture integrated complex with the canola crush plant and the future of food. So if there are industries looking to invest we want to invite them so if we ended up with delegations who haven’t been to something like Canada’s Farm Show who attend or contact local businesses that would be a win, investment dollars would be a win,” Masters said.

The cost of the trip will be covered by Economic Development Regina (EDR) who received funding from the provincial government who is also sending Premier Scott Moe to the same conference.

Masters said she would not be able to participate in the event fully if she attended virtually and would only be able to listen to conversations.

“This is about being present and meeting folks, I think the estimate is there will be about 70,000 delegates,” Masters said.

Council approved Masters’ trip by a vote of 6-1. Top Stories

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