Councillors in Pilot Butte have decided against signing a lease agreement to relocate the town’s office.

The decision comes after nearly 500 people signed a petition against moving the town office from its current rent-free location to the New Horizon commercial building.

According to the town, it would cost $175,000 to renovate the new space, in addition to a monthly rent of $1,200.

Those who signed the petition argued the costs are unnecessary.

“There are so many other needs that the citizens think would take precedence over something like that,” said Pilot Butte resident Peggy Chorney.

Officials say the community has outgrown its current town office, and while moving to a new facility would meet their needs temporarily, the ultimate goal is to build new.

Council plans to consult with the public as it explores options for expansion.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Christeen Jesse