Police nabbed 182 drivers speeding in road construction zones in communities and on highways across Saskatchewan in July.

Officers issued 177 tickers for exceeding 60 kilometres an hour while passing highway workers or occupied highway equipment in a work zone, Saskatchewan Government Insurance said Monday.

Another five tickets were handed out for speeding in construction zones where a flag person was present.

SGI says base fines for speeding in a construction zone are triple that of a regular speeding ticket.

Police also issued 5,514 tickets for speeding or aggressive driving, and another 522 for seatbelt and child-restraint infractions.

In addition, officers doled out 462 tickets for distracted driving, including 337 for using a cellphone behind the wheel. There were also 382 impaired-driving offences, resulting in 327 criminal charges.

SGI is reminding motorists to obey speed limits and exercise caution when driving in work zones.