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'Pretty rare stuff': Regina's Secondhand Wonderland a place to find hidden gems


A Regina second hand shop that specializes in buying, selling and trading has a growing following built on nostalgia.

Secondhand Wonderland located on Albert Street is filled with a wide range of items such as tools, musical instruments, toys and movies.

The store’s management team said it’s an almost daily occurrence something unique or rare comes through the doors.

“We’ve had some pretty rare stuff come through. We take in a wide variety of things. There is something here for everybody” Kara Treso, co-owner of Secondhand Wonderland said.

The store is filled with vintage items many visitors haven’t seen in awhile, which creates a nostalgic feeling for many who enter the business.

During the COVID-19 pandemic there was a resurgence of video gaming interest, particularly in older games and one of the shop’s fastest moving items is found within their gaming section.

“Video games right now are a big market. Everyone’s gaming now a-days, whether it be the old vintage stuff or the newer systems, we’ve got a bit of everything,” said Mike Wieclawski, co-owner of Secondhand Wonderland.

The shop is a place many people have found items from their childhood that bring them a nostalgic feeling. (MickFavel/CTVNews)

Used vinyl records and CDs are also available. They first are cleaned and buffed before being put on the shelf.

Only open for just over a year, the shop has already gained popularity from the business community.

Secondhand Wonderland was voted “Best New Business” and “Best North End Shop” on a poll conducted by Prairie Dog Magazine.

Their short time in business has also created a steady group of regulars.

“We kind of build a relationship with certain people who come in all the time. Some people come in every day which is nice to see,” Treso said.

Secondhand Wonderland is located at 311 Albert St. in Regina. Top Stories

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