The province says it's investing $700 million in improving 1,000 kilometres in Saskatchewan this year.

The work will focus on safety improvements to intersections across the province, the government said in a release.

“This year’s investment in highway construction has a focus on safety,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Lori Carr said in a news release. “We are launching the Enhanced Intersection Safety Program, which is a multi-year plan that funds a number of safety focused projects province-wide.”

The safety program includes rumble strips, clearing sight triangles, guardrails and lighting.

“We are also continuing work on several passing lane projects,” Carr said. “Once complete, the passing lanes will improve safety and traffic flow.”

Construction has started on passing lanes on Highway 2 north of Moose Jaw, as well as two sets between Rosetown and Kindersley on Highway 7. Work is scheduled for passing lanes on Highway 9 and 10 near Yorkton later this summer.

There are also multiple projects in the spring tender plan, the province says.