Saskatchewan has the most landfills per capita of all the provinces in Canada, but many are at the end of their lifespan or have been deemed non-compliant.

The Ministry of Environment said the province will be reviewing its landfill programs through a new solid waste management plan, including looking at the possibility of regionalizing landfills to benefit remote areas.

The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities is also looking at policy changes to ensure waste in remote areas is dealt with properly.

“Premier Moe at our conference mentioned that he wanted to develop and discuss a new policy,” said Ray Orb, SARM president. “We’re not sure what that means yet, but he would like to discuss that with members such as SARM.”

“Some of the things that we’ll see coming out of that are looking at enhanced education and awareness, what would potential regionalization look like or what opportunities are there,” said Wes Kotyk, assistant deputy minister with the Ministry of Environment.

The ministry says it will be working on its solid waste strategy plan in the coming months.