The Province of Saskatchewan said it will not enter a partnership with the federal government to help fund private bus services.

The federal government’s plan would see private bus companies subsidized to take over bus routes abandoned by Greyhound in Western Canada.

Ottawa said it would put $10 million on the table with the expectation that affected provinces would match those funds.

“Both Saskatchewan and Manitoba said they are not taking us up on the offer and it is disappointing because there are people who depend on bus service in this county and we put money on the table,” Transport Minister Marc Garneau said.

“Unfortunately, these two provinces have decided not avail themselves of it.”

Minister of Crown Investments Corporation Joe Hargrave said the provincial government needs to know more in order to make a proper decision.

“Give us some details Minister Garneau,” Hargrave said. “Right now the way it is there is nothing there for us to make a decision. Our answer has to be no until you provide us details.”

Ottawa says discussions between the federal government and the provinces left without bus services are ongoing. It said they want to work towards safe and affordable transportation options for people in all Canadian provinces.