The 87th Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences event, hosted by the University of Regina, continued on Thursday.

The weeklong event brings academic figures from across the country, to speak with students and the public on issues prevalent in Canadian academia.

More than 5,000 people attended the event. A turnout that Congress organizers say has exceeded their expectations.

“It’s been a huge success,” said executive director of the Federation of the Humanities and Social Services Gabriel Miller. “We owe it all to the university and the city, and to the thousands of people who came to attend.”

The event is the largest academic conference in Regina’s history.

Miller says the University of Regina has been a great host.

“I could not imagine a university doing a better job than this,” said Miller. “What’s been special about this conference is that it has really felt like Regina put its own mark on it.”

One of the local guest speakers, who made his mark on the conference was Michael Langen, owner of a local skateboard company, Colonialism Skateboards.  

Langen spoke about colonialism, and how he teaches reconciliation through skateboarding.

“Skating and educating,” said Langan. “Being able to teach people about colonization at this conference has been amazing.”

Dozens of lectures and events filled the University over the course of the week; including lectures, trade shows and art demonstrations.

One of the largest draws at Congress is their Big Thinking series which brings nationally renowned academic figures together, to speak about educational issues in Canada. This year’s event included speakers such as the dean of arts at McGill University, Antonia Maioni, and Canada research chair in bioethics and philosophy, Francoise Baylis.

“This year we had a lineup of all female Big Thinking speakers...Which is the first time in 87 years that has ever happened.” explained Miller.

Congress event takes place at a different university every year. Next year’s Congress will be held at the University of British Columbia.

“This has been an event that I will always cherish and hold to my heart,” said Langan. “I will never forget this.”