REGINA -- Ella Grimeau was behind the counter at a pet store in east Regina Pet Store when two women attempted to serve a fake human rights violation notice.

Grimeau said the alleged infraction was for requiring customers to follow the government’s COVID-19 public health orders.

“[They said] it’s either you take this piece of paper or we’re going to write down your names and we’ll be back with something worse,” recalled Grimeau, the manager at House of Paws.

An image of the two women was captured by the store security camera. Business owner Carly Patryluk wasn’t in at the time, but she said she doesn’t appreciate her employees being harassed.

“I was very upset that as grown adults they thought it was okay to come into any business, but mine specifically, and intimidate or harass young workers who are just doing what they are told,” said Patryluk.

Last month, a video posted online showed a group of people verbally attacking staff at Dessart Sweets due to a mask policy.

In this latest incident, Patryluk said a complaint has been filed with the Regina Police Service.

“We knew that there were some radical groups out there that were against the COVID mandates,” said Patryluk. “We knew that they were being vocal on social media… but we never expected that they would come to this store.”

Store employees now carry their cellphones with them. They’ve been instructed to call police to lay a trespassing complaint should the women return.