A notice of a motion was put forward at Monday night’s city council meeting in Regina suggesting that fines could be issued to residents who fail to shovel their sidewalks.

Councillors Lori Bresciani and Andrew Stevens proposed that residents be given 48-hours after a snowfall ends to shovel their sidewalks. If a homeowner fails to shovel, the city will come to clear the sidewalk and send the homeowner the bill.

Under the proposal, repeat offenders will not only be billed for snow clearing, but also fined.

“I was hearing from residents who actually have mobility issues, seniors and others who were frustrated by the fact that neighbours and others in their community were not shoveling, and this prevented them from actually getting out.” Councillor Stevens said about the motion.

City council won't actually vote on this motion until a meeting next month.

Council is also making it easier for restaurants to open sidewalk cafes and outdoor patios by voting to remove some of the red tape.

Any business that serves food or drink can set up outdoor seating as long as pedestrians are not being blocked and the number of seats is below 12.

Businesses who want more outdoor seating can apply to do so through the city.

“It's a way to animate and make the area much more liveable, walkable. It's updating to what other cities do.” Mayor Michael Fougere said about the proposal.