REGINA -- Weeks after a devastating loss, a Regina family has a new roof on their home thanks to some Good Samaritans.

Tenille Bryanton died on April 11, after fighting a rare form of cancer. She left behind her husband Adam and their two daughters. Before Tenille died, the family had been planning for a new roof on their house and had even received a quote. But now, two local organizations have stepped in to take care of the task for the family.

The Regina Trades & Skills Centre partners with Wheatland Roofing each year to donate a new roof to a deserving family, this year they chose the Bryanton family.

“In this particular situation, they had some hardship come their way, they never asked for a handout, they never asked for anything,” said Melissa Dobrowolski, the operations manager for the Regina Trades & Skills Centre.

Students in the residential roofing program run by the Trades & Skills Centre get real world experience while working on the house, however an instructor is close by to ensure the job is being done right.

Christian Fisher is one of the students; he’s four weeks into the seven week program. He’s is looking forward to a career in the roofing business, and really appreciates the practice.

“In the classroom, you’re not up high like this,” Fisher said. “And you have to be more aware of all your surroundings, and what you’re stepping into, and who is around you,” he added.

The eight students on the roof Wednesday even endured real world weather conditions; snow, rain and finally sunshine.