A Regina man whose dog was shot by police trying to save the man in a medical emergency says he wishes the officer had another option besides killing his pet.

Cory Thompson suffered an epileptic seizure at his Regina home on Wednesday. Emergency responders initially weren't able to reach Thompson, who was in an upstairs room, because his American Staffordshire Terrier was blocking the top of the stairway.

"One of our officers attempted to enter the home when the dog approached quite aggressively," said Regina police spokeswoman Lara Guzik.

"The officer fired at the dog. There were four shots fired in total."

Not all of the shots hit the dog. The front entranceway to Thompson's house has bullet holes in the door, carpet, and floor. At least one bullet went through the floor and into the basement, hitting the television. Thompson says he wishes the police had another option beyond gunfire.

"If they would have had the proper net or rope and pole, they could have roped her and pulled her to where they had to pull her and tended to me," Thompson said.

Regina police have another option. They can phone the Humane Society to come handle overly protective dogs, but it isn't always feasible in medical emergencies.

"It depends on where our animal protection officers are," said Don Simons of the Regina Humane Society.

"Our officer was across town...that's why police felt they needed something quicker."

Police say the shooting incident will be reviewed.

Based on a report by Dale Hunter, CTV Regina