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Regina Police Service kicks off new policing initiative in Cathedral neighbourhood


A new initiative aimed at building a stronger community and partnership with the public was launched Wednesday by the Regina Police Service (RPS).

The project is called ‘Progressive Policing Initiative: Engagement and Enforcement.’

RPS said they are starting the one-day project in the Cathedral neighbourhood with around 100 officers patrolling the area.

While out, officers are expected to meet with residents and business owners, which should promote a sense of security.

“It’s an opportunity for us to share what to do, what not to do, how to prevent crime. It’s also another opportunity for us to look at better ways we can do business. Ultimately I would like to create some neighborhood watch team,” Chief of Police of RPS Farooq Hassan Sheikh said.

In 2023, residents who participated in a community perceptions survey highlighted a need for increased police presence and said they would like to see officers focus on issues like drugs and alcohol.

"I've had some recent meetings with the community in the Cathedral district and they have raised their concerns about crime levels, about trust in confidence and lack of police presence, as well as downtown,” Sheikh said.

“We need to start somewhere first, so why don't we try.”

RPS said they will move to other neighbourhoods in the future and conduct similar work.

“We realize we can’t go to all the communities today but start off [in] small areas and then when we do it again, we will move to different areas and try to get around the city and go to different communities,” Sheikh said on Wednesday.

Sheikh said all of Regina will get the same response from police. Top Stories

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