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Regina's Wascana Pool ready to make a splash

After two years, the wait for the new Wascana Pool is over, as the facility gets ready to make a splash at its official opening on June 8.

The facility is designed as one of the most accessible and inclusive facilities in the country, according to the City of Regina.

With zero depth entry options for all pools, accessible all gender washrooms and change rooms, as well as braille markings, the pool was designed with everyone in mind.

“We were able to make sure things like ramps into all the pools was there but there’s also these subtle things like the low fence around the playground as well as just braille in areas that you wouldn’t normally expect to have it, like locker tags,” said Eric de Waal, senior project manager.

Some other highlights include two nine storey tall waterslides, a lazy river, climbing wall, and a hot tub with therapy sprays. Additionally, there is a brand new playground and spray park right outside the pool facility opening the second week of June.

de Waal said those will also have accessible features.

“Things like ramp access to some of the features, we’ve got an inclusive swing that has a harness on that you can put folks in and swing them, as well as a wheelchair accessible merry-go-round,” he said.

Even though the pool will be opening soon, the project management team still plans to continue updating the facility, making it more accessible. Those plans include an elevator, which will help those with mobility issues enjoy the waterslide.

WATCH: After two years, the new Wascana Pool is ready to make a splash this summer. Hallee Mandryk has the details.

“There will be a lift on the top that will take the patron from the elevator onto the slide, and there is going to be another lift right where the open flow is to take them out of the slide and onto their wheelchair, or just take them out of the slide if they don’t have a wheelchair,”said Nives Ambrosia, project manager of facilities and engineering.

Sustainability was another big factor considered in the design of the facility. The pools are designed with a regenerative filtration system, making them both greener and safer.

The facility will also feature the city’s first recirculating spray pad.

After years of planning and construction, the project team expressed how excited they are to finally see their work come to fruition.

“Sometimes in the midst of it when you’re swearing at a contractor, you forget why you’re doing it all and so at the moment when those kids come on deck and see that everybody can see that and be so proud of that, so I’m pretty excited to just watch the kids enjoy this place,” de Waal said.

The project had a price tag of $16.4 million, with the provincial government providing $12 million in funding through the Municipal Economic Enhancement Program (MEE), and the City of Regina covering the remainder of the cost.

The facility will open on June 8, and a Grand Opening party will be held on June 15 from 2:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Top Stories

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