REGINA -- Regina Catholic Schools will continue remote learning until April 23, according to a letter sent to families Wednesday.

The school division moved fully to remote learning this week with the initial return date set for April 12 now pushed back two weeks.

"The COVID-19 situation in Regina continues to remain a concern for local health officials and especially in our schools," the letter said. "The Local Medical Health Officers have asked us to continue at Level Four [Remote] learning until April 23."

The school division said a return to hybrid learning for its four major high schools and face-to-face learning with masks for all other schools is expected April 26.

Regina Catholic Schools was one of several school divisions to move to remote learning in southern Saskatchewan due to rising numbers of COVID-19 cases and variants of concern.

Students in Regina's two major school divisions have been remote learning since March 29. There will be a scheduled break for all students from April 2 to 9.