REGINA -- Some west Regina residents are raising safety concerns due to increased transport traffic on 9th Avenue N., caused by the bypass.

Kel Ostapowich said the increased heavy truck traffic along the road has him concerned about safety. His home backs on to the road.

“The distance between the road and our fences is not that great and a vehicle, particularly a large truck losing control, could easily end up in our backyard or our kitchen,” Ostapowich said.

Ostapowich has lived in the neighbourhood for 20 years.

He said when the Regina Bypass was built, he noticed a substantial increase in traffic along 9th Avenue North.

“The bypass is a wonderful thing,” Ostapowich said. “It's a great thing for our city, it's a great thing for our province. But everybody that lives, along 9th Avenue North is experiencing negative externalities as a result of the traffic that's coming off that bypass.”

Ostapowich is not alone in his feelings about the increased traffic along 9th Avenue N. Other residents whose homes back the road have similar concerns.

“We’re seeing chemical trucks, we're seeing trucks that are going to the upgrader on this way,” Paul Viala, whose homes back 9th Avenue North, said. “Obviously they shouldn't be coming down here, they should be using the Bypass.”

Ward 9 Councillor, Jason Mancinelli, introduced a motion to Regina City Council calling for the section of 9th Avenue North, between Pinkie Road and Pasqua Street, to have its Trucking Transportation Route designation removed.

This change would mean transportation trucks would need to be using alternatives routes in and around Regina.

“I would like to see the trucks continue on the Bypass,” Mancinelli said. “By traffic estimate, their points of destination are primarily the Regina Industrial Park and North Regina near Rochdale and Pasqua. The Bypass provides a route to both of these destinations and once again it really it relieves traffic congestion in our city and makes life a little bit better for all of us.”

In Tuesday’s council meeting, Mancinelli read his motion.

“Whereas the government of Saskatchewan’s investment in a solution that greatly reduces the danger and expenses of the current situation, therefore be it resolved in administration be directed to take all the necessary steps to remove the trucking transportation route designation from 9th Avenue North between the points of Pinkie Road and Pasqua Street,” Mancinelli said.

“Ensuring all clickable entities are concurred are concurrently updated such as GPS databases and cost sharing of any necessary signage changes you share and ensure Regional Police Services is aware and enforcing the change and achieve implementation prior to December 31 of 2020.”

This motion will be discussed at Regina City Council’s next meeting on October 28.