The Saskatchewan Roughriders will look to have a major comeback in week four against the Alouettes on Saturday.

The schedule has the teams playing in a home and home series, something unique about the Canadian Football League (CFL).

“When I first got in the league I was like, ‘We’re playing the same team twice,’ it kind of feels like baseball,” said quarterback, Cody Fajardo. “But when you lose that first game and you are back to back, you’re really eager and excited about the week. The only thing that sucks if you have to watch the bad film for a week.”

The Riders came off a shortened week and had to deal with a tough travel schedule, which may have played a factor in their 37-13 loss over the Alouettes.

“We have to go out there (this week) and have some fun. I noticed that we were low in energy and I think a lot of that is the travel and everything. But coming out with some high energy and using our fans the best we can (is key this week),” said Fajardo.

The team will need to have a better start to the game than last week after they allowed Montreal to return for a touchdown on the first play of the game.

“That’s one of our points of emphasis this week is we have to find ways to improve in special teams, covering guys, and we can’t get blocked,” said head coach, Craig Dickenson.

The Riders only had one full practice under their belt before heading to Montreal and that proved to be a major factor for the offensive line who allowed eight sacks on the night. For Logan Bandy, it meant fewer reps before he took over Dan Clark’s place at centre, who was injured in week two

“We have to be better as a group. Communication is really where we need to start, then it’s speed and violence. After that, we’re really focusing on verbal and nonverbal communication this week,” said Bandy.

“This week we already feel great just starting to get that chemistry down. It is a lot of building that relationship with the guys on the O-line. It’s just knowing what they’re thinking,” said offensive lineman, Logan Ferland.

Wide Receiver Duke Williams is ready to put on a show after last week. Even though the receiver had four receptions for 101 yards and one touchdown, he still holds himself to a higher standard.

“I played a bad game. So this week I have to continue to be better. Last week that wasn’t me. I made good catches, yes, but I know how I can compete so this week is going to be a different story,” said Williams.

This will be the final regular season meeting for the Riders and Alouettes. Kickoff is Saturday at 5:00 p.m. on TSN.