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'Safe space for everybody': New indoor baseball facility in Regina a big hit


An idea formed on a rainy day during the summer has become a reality and is now the newest baseball facility in Regina.

The Dugout Performance Centre opened in REAL District in 2024.

“Myself and my business partner, our boys were playing on the same baseball team one year. We had a rainy day and I just jokingly said to him, ‘Why don’t you build us an indoor facility?’ Because he’s kind of an entrepreneur guy,” owner Trevor Weir said.

“A few days later he came back and said ‘Well how serious are you about that?’ And here we are about a year and a half later,” Weir said.

He noted not only was it a rainy day idea but a facility like Dugout Performance Centre was needed in the city.

“A place where kids can go and work on their craft and work to be better every day is a positive. In Regina, we just didn’t have a lot of those spaces where [players] could go get their indoor hitting in, work on pitching, things like that. It was a needed space in the city,” Weir said.

Weir has two sons, Jaxon and Jayce, who are both avid baseball athletes. Jaxon was even a member of Team Canada at this year’s Little League World Series.

“Every day since it’s been open. I’ve come in here, and spent lots of my time here. Whenever I’m bored or not doing anything I just come here,” Jaxon said.

“Our family is big on baseball so we kind of always had that connection and it just brings I guess not only my family but all families closer together,” Jayce added.

Bringing people together is a huge part of Weir’s business model.

“We want it to be an inclusive, safe space for everybody. No matter what age you are, no matter what skill level you are. You don’t have to be an exclusive member to a program to come here. We want every one from out community to come here,” said Weir.

The facility is also for softball athletes and has quickly become a popular place to hang out whenever athletes have spare time.

“Whether you’re a baseball player, or a softball player, we want you in here training, hanging out with other athletes. Training and getting better,” Weir said.

Jett Hutchinson, 17, recently committed to playing baseball at Markville State University and has already found great use in the new facility to work on his skillset.

“I have a second period spare at school and I just come here, hit off the tee, get my work in, and go back to school. Or just come here with some buds later in the night so it’s great,” he said.

Hutchinson plans on using the facility when home from school in between his summer baseball commitments. Weir also noted this facility will be used year round and not just during the off-season.

“There’s always a place for a little bit more repetition, some rainy day work. We offer space during baseball season. Players will come in to get their training in before game days, just get some more reps in. Kind of like the pros do,” he said.

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