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Sask. Lego Users Group creates model of airport building inside YQR


If you or your kids love Lego, you may want to plan a family trip to the Regina International Airport.

The Saskatchewan Lego Users Group (SLUG) has created an amazing Lego model of the airport building – within the airport building.

A dozen members of the adult club spent about five months planning the exhibit, including a behind the scenes tour of the actual airport. They then created the replica using thousands of Lego pieces.

It’s not the only display the group has showcased at the Regina Airport but it is the largest. There was some trial and error to get the right pieces to build the airplanes but there is a much wider selection of Lego pieces available today than there used to be.

“I think nowadays, there’s not much you can’t do,” said Adam Dodge, the founding member of SLUG. “The pieces that they first came out with, very basic pieces, very block type things. Whereas now, the type of pieces they have, you can make all sorts of shapes, you can recreate all sorts of things.

“They’re actually targeting an adult demographic now, there are things they make that are really cool.”

There is also a mini replica of the airport model – within the larger Lego model of the airport, complete with a mini-cameraman. Top Stories


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