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Sask. teachers set to vote on renewed sanctions mandate


Next week, teachers in Saskatchewan will vote on a renewed mandate that would implement sanctions beyond the current school year.

Following an overwhelming vote against the province’s proposed deal with the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF), the STF is now preparing for the possibility that stalled negotiation talks could continue into the next school year.

Saskatchewan teachers will vote on May 15 and 16 on giving the STF Executive Teachers’ Bargaining Committee the mandate to extend sanctions beyond June 30, 2024, which is when the current mandate expires. 

“Teachers want to teach, not strike. We want to be in classrooms, not picket lines. We want to focus on the success of our students, not fight tooth and nail for the bare minimum needed to do our jobs. But this is about more than what we want," STF president Samantha Becotte said in a news release sent on Friday afternoon.

"This is about what’s right for Saskatchewan’s students, the sustainability of our profession and the future of publicly funded schools.” 

Teachers in the province voted 95 per cent in favour of job action in October 2023, which gave the STF Executive Teachers’ Bargaining Committee the authority to impose sanctions until June 30, 2024.

Results of the sanctions vote will be shared with STF members and the public after voting closes on May 16.

On Friday morning, Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill said he feels the government has already moved on significant requests teachers have.

"I would say we haven’t seen the same from the teachers’ bargaining committee, but again government is committed to making significant investments in our Kindergarten to Grade 12 education sector,” he said.

Cockrill did not say there would be a return to the bargaining table next week but did say there will be conversations. 

“I can say there will be some discussions happening next week, in terms of what that looks like is still being determined,” he said. 

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