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Scammers are calling and telling Moose Jaw residents they've won STARS Lottery prizes


Moose Jaw police say scammers are calling residents in the city and telling them they have won prizes from the Stars Air Ambulance Lottery.

According to a Moose Jaw police news release, the scammers claim to represent Stars Air Ambulance and tell people they have won new vehicles, along with cash prizes ranging from $30,000 to $350,000.

“The fraudster will attempt to manipulate people by falsely claiming they have won an extravagant prize and ask them to send payment in order to claim their prize,” the release said.

Moose Jaw police said a person will never be asked to send money to claim a prize.

“If you are being asked to send a cheque, money order, or payment of any kind to claim your lottery prize, it is a scam,” Moose Jaw police said in the release.

Moose Jaw police also said a “Grandparent Scam” where a caller pretends to be a grandchild in need is also circulating the city.

According to the release, a caller will indicate they need money and that a lawyer will contact the person who answered the phone.

“Once information is obtained from the initial call a second call is placed to the “victim” from someone impersonating a lawyer. The “victim” is instructed to withdraw a large amount of money and await further directions,” Moose Jaw police said.

Moose Jaw police said, it, lawyers, judges or jails do not call people personally to request money.

“Also, if the caller is requesting payment via gift cards or Bitcoin, it’s a scam,” Moose Jaw police added.

People who believe they have fallen victim to a scam are asked to call their local police force or Crime Stoppers. More information on fraud attempts can also be read on the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre’s website. Top Stories


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