A student at Stoughton Central School says she's outraged after the schools Pride flag was “burned to a crisp.”

Jessica Baumgartner, a Grade 9 student, said the flag was barely up for a day. RCMP confirmed the incident occurred overnight between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, and is under investigation.

“One of the first teachers to get to school saw the flag singed on the ground,” Baumgartner said. “It was shocking and terrible, that shouldn’t be something that happens. It’s a disgusting way to deal with a situation. We found it appalling and it has really upset the students at the school.”

She said the flag was to fly outside for a week before being moved inside to be hung next to the Saskatchewan flag in the gymnasium.

“Out of 650 people I didn’t think there was any that didn't like it but I guess there is a few around,” Mayor Bill Knous said. “It’s being investigated; I don’t want to say too much because we'd just like it to go away.”

“We’re very disappointed, the community is disappointed,” Keith Keating, deputy director of the South East Cornerstone public school division, said. “We worked very hard in the community and the school division to promote equity for all students and create an atmosphere of respect.”

“The school's SRC received a phone call that someone wants to anonymously buy us a new Pride Flag which we plan to hang next school year,” Baumgartner said.

She said she wants to focus on making sure marginalized students feel safe and accepted at Stoughton Central School.

Wednesday was the last day of exams for high school students in the K-12 school, and the last day of school for elementary students.