On Tuesday night, six puppies were found abandoned in an alley in Regina’s Warehouse District.

The puppies were badly dehydrated and cold so CC RezQs, an organization that rescues and re-homes stray dogs, was called to come and help out the dogs.

"We had to really slowly introduce food and water because it's a shock to their system when they're semi-starving and very thirsty,” said Stephanie Senger, one of the directors of CC RezQs. “So we got through it but they were not in ideal circumstances when we got them for sure.”

Three days later the puppies are recovering and doing well. CC RezQs will take two weeks to make sure they are back to 100 per cent, and then they will be heading to foster homes with the goal of getting them adopted.

"They're kind of in party mode. They're playing lots, they love toys, they like to rip pee pads and run through the house and make a mess everywhere. It's kind of like a tornado of fun. But yeah they're doing amazing now luckily,” said Senger.

These types of abandonments are not common for CC RezQs in Regina, but are sadly much more common in rural areas. They have already dealt with another similar situation this week, where another litter of puppies were found just outside of Regina. Sadly, some of those puppies froze to death but two more puppies are in stable condition in CC RezQs’ care.

"People don't know that there's options. So the option of putting them in a box and leaving them outside actually shouldn't exist,” said Senger.

These options include reaching out to the humane society or animal protection services, which runs 24 hours a day.

"We're not here to judge people. We understand that sometimes people have a litter of kittens or puppies that they are not able to care for, and to please call us and we'll do everything we can to bring them in,” said Bill Thorn the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Regina Humane Society.