REGINA -- The Regina Police Service (RPS) has issued a list of local resources for survivors of sexual violence.

The RPS wants survivors to know that there is no statue of limitations of when sexual violence is reported, and reports came be made even decades after an assault occurred.

“Living as a survivor of sexual assault or sexual violence can be an incredibly difficult journey to walk,” RPS wrote in a news release. “We want survivors to know: you do not have to walk alone.”


The RSAC provides several supports to community members including:

  • Free counselling for anyone over the age of five
  • A 24-hour crisis hotline
  • Support person to accompany survivors to health-related or legal appointments
  • An advocate to assist during hospital exams and reporting to police

“The Regina Police Service encourages survivors to have a voice through their healing process. This can be achieved by speaking with family, friends, and trusted community members, or by accessing local supports available in Regina,” RPS said.


Here is a breakdown of the process of reporting a sexual assault to the RPS:

  • Assaults must be reported in person by the survivor. This can be done at the station or by calling the station and requesting an officer to visit you at home.
  • Survivors will not be asked to recount the details of an assault at the RPS’ front desk or lobby.
  • Survivors will be able to sit down in private with an officer to provide a report
  • Survivors can choose to file a report to a male or female officer
  • All sexual assault reports are recorded with audio and video for accuracy and to ensure the survivor does not have to recount the details of the assault multiple times.
  • Once the survivor has given their statement the investigation is in the hands of police. RPS will contact the survivor when necessary.


  • Survivors may provide a private statement to a counsellor
  • Details are handed over to police without providing the survivor's name
  • Information provided is added to the police database which helps them identify criminal patterns regarding sexual violence


  • Options designed for survivors who were assaulted very recently and are unsure if they want to report
  • A nurse will gather general details which will be kept for up to six months
  • If the survivor chooses to report, evidence gathered will be handed over to police
  • If the survivor chooses not the report, or does not report within six months, the evidence is destroyed
  • Available for adults in Regina only.