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'Thank you to all Canadians': Ukrainians in Sask. show appreciation by donating blood


A group who fled to Canada due to the war in Ukraine are showing their appreciation by donating the gift of life at Canadian Blood Services in Regina.

Many Ukrainians who fled war have said they were embraced by Canadians from the moment they arrived.

“They met us at the airport. It was a beautiful meeting,” Olha Kolos, a member of the donation group explained.

“It was even with two RCMP officers. They were in their red suits with a Ukrainian flag and it was so beautiful.”

As a way of saying thank you to their new home, the group of displaced Ukrainians are rolling up their sleeves and giving the gift of life to those in need.

“This could be a great way to say thank you to all Canadians for all the help for Ukraine, for Ukrainians. We are donating our blood to thank you,” Anastasiia Sheichuk, an organizer of the blood drive, told CTV News.

Many in the group left everything behind in Ukraine and have little to give.

However, they say they can help save the lives of Canadians.

“Every time it’s really important to help people,” Anna Kornus, another member of the group, explained.

“It’s the smallest thing that I can do for people. I have blood. Why not?”

The Canadian Blood Service says it needs 100,000 new donors each year. People moving to Canada from other countries play an important role in fulfilling that ever-increasing need.

“This is a way that they can directly give back in a meaningful way and you know and just recognizing that they have been welcomed in our community and they give back to our community by donating blood,” Aaron Barlow, spokesperson for Canadian Blood Services, said.

About thirty Ukrainians signed up for the blood donation drive.

It’s a partnership that the Canadian Blood Services hopes will be for life. Top Stories

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