REGINA -- A special delivery made the day of two Regina sisters living with cerebral palsy.

Mila and Bella Winkler are four-year old twins living with the disorder, which makes it harder for them to play like other normal kids. Sask Masks heard their story and stepped up to donate a mini jeep to the girls through the children’s charity ‘Variety’.

“We're just over the moon,” said Jaime, the girls’ mother. “As a family, we couldn't be more excited for the little ones to have such an awesome vehicle adapted specifically for them to enable Mila to play without issue.”

The new adapted car enables Bella and Mila to play without getting worn out. The jeep’s gas pedal is on the steering wheel or mom and dad can help control the car with a special remote. There is also a built in radio.

“They go through a lot, they have a lot of pain and issues with their cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus,” said Jaime. “This is just one of those things we don’t have to worry about.”

Sask Masks is a local Regina company that sells hand made masks. They have only been open since April but they have been donating their proceeds to charities, like Variety.

Robyn and Jana Ham, who are also twins, started the company in their home.

“Gifting the vehicle today, it was great to see. And the girls loved it,” said Robyn.

Variety requires a donation goal of two thousand dollars to give out toys like the Winkler’s new jeep. Sask Masks was able to raise 2,500 in just four weeks.

“A lot of times it’s just a number that we get to post on our Facebook,” said Jana. “It's nice to see the full impact in real life today.”

The Winkers are thankful for the new opportunities and accessibility the new toy offers to Mila and Bella.

“I know it seems like a little but it’s a really big deal to us,” said Jaime. “To be able to benefit other families that are struggling and having their own lived experiences – we know that will help them too.”