The first degree murder trial of Colinda Hotomanie and Gregory Wolfe continued in a Regina court room on Wednesday as a witness who testified yesterday that Wolfe admitted to killing Sugar took the stand again for cross examination.

The witness, whose name is protected by a publication ban, told the court on Tuesday that he was at the house on October 4 2016, and offered Jessica Pangman and Wolfe a ride when he saw them walking on Elphinstone Street later that night.

That’s when the witness says Wolfe admitted to killing Sugar.



A number of witnesses took the stand Wednesday.

Chance Duperreault, the fire inspector who responded to the blaze on October 5, said it appeared that an element on the stove had been left on.

He testified that safety concerns as a result of the collapsed roof kept inspectors away from the back bedroom where Sugar’s body was found.

Duperreault said fire crews had no idea someone was inside, and that it wasn't until inspectors returned on October 11 that they located Sugar’s body.

Duperreault said inspectors found no evidence of electrical shorts or cooking accidents, and that he believed that the probable cause was an incendiary fire.



A third witness, whose identity is also protected under a publication ban, was called to the stand.

He testified running into Hotomanie and Pangman at a welfare clinic on Oct. 6, 2016, and said Hotomanie admitted to him that she set the fire.

The same witness testified that he crossed paths with Hotomanie again in February of 2017, where she called him a snitch and threatened that the ‘Indian Mafia’ was coming for him.

The defence questioned the claim, saying Hotomanie was in jail in February of 2017, and that the conversation could not have taken place.

Court resumes Thursday morning at 10am.