It was a solemn service as Regina Muslims gathered for afternoon prayers on Friday following a deadly mass shooting in New Zealand.

“As a nation, we should come together today, and come together in solidarity and unite under a message that we are one, and such attacks like this will not disunite us,” said Zeeshan Ahmed, the Imam at the Ahmadiyya Mosque in east Regina.

At a service similar to the one held in Regina Friday afternoon that 49 Muslims died in Christchurch. The fact wasn’t lost on those in attendance for prayers.

“We all feel the same way as humanity, as a nation that this should be condemned at the highest level,” said Muhammad Fiaz, a mosque member.

A call for unity amongst people of all faiths was the main message.

"We need to make sure that this does not happen again, not to any community, not to Muslims, not to Jews, not to Christians. Everybody should be allowed to enjoy their freedom to practice their religion as they see it,” said Dr. Habib Rehman, another member of the Ahmadiyya Mosque.

There was heightened security during afternoon prayers, as volunteers stood watch at the doors, a precaution taken although those who attended say they do feel safe in the community.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Wayne Mantyka