Business has now returned to normal for Shawn Lachambre after his business, Impressions in Thread, was shut down for an hour Thursday.

Lachambre says it was his choice to close as a massive protest convoy passed by to show his support of the anti-carbon tax message.

“We shut down for an hour and we went out and waved to every one of those guys going by,” Lachambre told CTV News on Friday.

The convoy of around 700 trucks caused some delays in traffic and blocked people from parking near businesses, but many customers just parked at a distance and walked.

But for Impressions in Thread, losing potential business was worth participating in the rally.

“Absolutely, one hour to support their cause in the long run, if their cause is successful, the amount of business that we would gain in a proper economy would definitely outweigh it,” Lachambre said.

Meanwhile Northgate Bakery says the convoy slowed business down for two to three hours, but agrees it was needed.

"If I'm a supporter into that cause of eliminating the carbon tax and if we lose like two and half hours of business, that's ok with us,” said Dhaval Bhatt, the bakery’s owner.

Bhatt supports the anti-carbon tax feeling as he worries about its possible effects.

"Everything is supposed to go up. Like the cost of business, as well as the cost of all the ingredients, supplying in."

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Colton Wiens.