Current weather conditions are slowing down the city’s repairs of water main breaks.

Last month, there were 47 breaks in the Queen City, one short of a record 48 breaks in February 2014.

More than 35 centimetres of snow fell in Regina to start the week. The city began plowing residential streets on Thursday, but there is still snow on the roads. Crews have to clear the area before they can begin repairs.

Also, melting snow can make it difficult to determine what is a leak and what is simply melting snow.

“Frost tends to push down a little bit more as it warms up, before it comes back up out of the ground,” said Pat Wilson, director of water works with the city. “So, we aren't quite done, just because there's some warm weather on the horizon."

According to the city, customers without water are at the top of the priority list. Officials say the aim to is respond to all breaks within 24 hours.

"We're working on it,” Mayor Michael Fougere said. “We have more water main breaks now for this month than we usually typically do have, so we're doing the best we can."

The dry summer was hard on water lines, causing record numbers of breaks due to ground shifting.

Residents are encouraged to call the city with any concerns.

With files from CTV Regina's Colton Wiens