Ridesharing is expected to roll into the Queen City this year.

The province approved regulations in December. Each municipality is responsible for how companies and drivers will operate.

Regina hasn’t approved its bylaws yet. Since ridesharing is a new service in Saskatchewan, some people don’t understand how it will work once it arrives.

Companies like Uber and Lyft have apps that allow customers to request a vehicle to pick them up. Basic information like your name, phone number and credit card are all stored by the company.

Uber’s app shows the driver’s photo and a car description, so riders will know when their driver arrives. People can also use a web browser to book a ride through Uber.

“You request a ride, someone shows up, you get in and you get out, you leave,” said Kris Parker with Jump.ca. “You don’t need cash on you. There’s no debit or MasterCard or credit card or anything required. You leave and your credit card is automatically charged.”

People in Regina are welcoming the idea with open arms. A report is expected to be presented to council as early as the end of this month.