The City of Regina is currently under a blizzard warning and Saskatoon is facing a snowfall advisory. Environment Canada is advising people to avoid travel if possible.

The system started moving in on Monday and blizzard conditions with gusty winds and near zero visibility are affecting much of south east Saskatchewan this morning.

An intense low pressure system continues to bring snow and strong winds.

In Saskatchewan, the Highway Hotline is advising that travel is not recommended in the eastern part of the province and some highways near Regina, Weyburn and Estevan have been closed.

If you are driving to Manitoba today, you may want to hold off, as most highways in the western part of the province and the southwest as far as Winnipeg have been closed entirely.

At both the Regina International Airport, and the Saskatoon's airport, a number of arriving and departing flights have been cancelled or delayed, especially flights to Winnipeg. If you are flying out of either city today, check your flight status before leaving.

Regina is expected to see upwards of 10 centimetres of snow, with areas to the east getting closer to 15 to 25 centimetres.

Conditions will improve overnight into Wednesday morning when the winds begin to diminish.

Environment Canada says it’s not uncommon to see such harsh storms at this time of year.

“Often the strongest storms that we see are in the springtime and in the fall because the temperatures to the south of us are getting quite warm, but we're battling the really cold arctic air to the north.” Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang told CTV.

The blizzard is causing power outages in the south east corner of the province.

Outages are affecting rural areas in Estevan and Redvers, as well as the community of Alida.

Sask. power says crews are standing down due to the extreme weather. They will work to restore power as soon as it's safe to do so.

We will continue to monitor this situation throughout the morning for you.