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World's largest friendship bracelet latest stunt in #BacktoSaskatch campaign


Fans are attempting to create the world’s largest friendship bracelet in a bid to bring Taylor Swift back to Saskatchewan.

Many dedicated fans gathered at the Cornwall Centre on Sunday to lend a hand in making the world’s largest friendship bracelet, a step towards their End Game of bringing the biggest artist in the world to the prairies.

“We thought ‘What if we got towns on board, cities on board, what if we did some big events like making the world’s biggest friendship bracelet and just made this love letter to Taylor Swift?’ And say ‘Hey, you should come back, it’s been a while,’” Z99 Radio Host Wheels told CTV News.

It has been a goal of the radio host and his colleagues to get Miss Americana to perform in Saskatchewan.

The last time Swift performed in Land of the Living Skies was 2009, when she played at the Craven Country Jamboree (now Country Thunder Saskatchewan).

The artist tweeted at the time that she enjoyed antiquing in the province and went on to nickname it ‘Saskatch.’

“Even if you’re not a Swiftie, for Taylor Swift to go Anywhere, it impacts economies, food banks, like where she goes, a trail of good is left, so for her to come back to Saskatchewan, would be earth shattering for everyone,” Wheels explained.

Attempts have been made by many to try and get Swift to Come Back … [and] Be Here in the prairies, including a promise from Swift Current – offering to temporarily rename itself, should the starlet return.

Fans of the singer are more than Ready For It – should their friendship bracelet catch the attention of Swift.

“If she were to come back, it’s not about money, it’s about just sharing the love,” Wheels added.

“She is known for surprising her fans at birthday parties, at weddings, she said that she loves Saskatchewan which is the perfect trifecta of ‘Wait a minute … you love us. You don’t need the money, and you love a good surprise. Well let’s just give her a reason to come back here’ and that’s what this is all about.” Top Stories

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