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Agribition highlighting changing producer economy with advancements in ag-tech


Agribition highlighted advancements in agriculture-technologies this week, showing producers how new tech can save them money, time and limit hard labour.

FarmSimple operates out of Vibank, Sask. The local company makes a device to monitor livestock’s water supply, like trough level or temperature, which is highly important in the winter months.

Co-founder Katlin Lang said Agribition was the perfect place for him to showcase the benefits of his product directly to producers.

“It’s huge for us to be here,” he said. “Agribition last year was our first trade show and [producers] get a sense of what this thing actually looks like in-person instead of just seeing it over the internet.”

Through Agribition was the highlighting of a changing world of agriculture and livestock production. Like an A.I. system that can monitor livestock health through a camera.

“We can proactively notify producers,” said OneCup AI CEO Mokah Shmiglesy. “We can give an output on how your animals are doing on the day-to-day so you can make changes to your feed or any animals who may need extra care can be pulled from the herd.”

Shmiglesy believes as technology changes, it’s important for famers to educate themselves on the benefits technology could make for them.

“[Producers] are at the point where they may not have the capacity to hire additional staff to help out at the farm or their older and just don’t have the physical capacity themselves,” she said.

She added it could be harder for the more old-school producers to grasp the benefits.

“They are starting to make those changes,” said Shmiglesy. “It’s just making sure they’re aware of our product and what other technologies are out there to help make their lives better is the key to success.”

To showcase ag-tech advancements at a higher level, the Canadian Western Agribition announced the ‘Canadian Animal AgTech Awards’ will be held as a part of the event in 2023.

“Our show is built on the producers and the exhibiters,” said CEO Shaun Kindopp. “I want [people] to come and see here’s where the cutting-edge stuff in the livestock industry is. We want to be a leader in the industry, not a follower, and this allows us to do that.”

Lang said the awards will give him a better opportunity to compare his product against his competitors.

“We’re going to be here next year,” he said. “A handful of producers this week have told me, ‘I wish there were other companies alongside of you so I can pit you all up in the same place.’ We’re excited that we’re going to have a central area where everyone will know this is the livestock ag-tech hub.” Top Stories

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