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'An amazing feeling': Sask. community comes together in hockey night fundraiser for boy battling cancer


The family of Brantley Lamb is praising their hometown of Wynyard, Sask. after community members came together to raise tens of thousands of dollars to support the young hockey fan’s battle against cancer.

After being diagnosed with leukemia last year, Brantley has faced an uphill fight everyday on his journey towards recovery.

“The last 10 months were pretty big blocks of chemo treatment,” Brantley’s mother, Ashley Lamb, told CTV News.

Recognizing the Lambs’ situation, and wanting to provide Brantley with a memorable experience, a plan began to take shape among friends of the family.

Cienna Magnusson was the first to take action. She said it all started with the urge to do something for her friends.

“I really wasn't sure what I was planning on, what I really wanted to do,” she explained. “But I just asked her [Ashley] if I could plan something and it kind of just snowballed from there.”

And snowballed it did.

What ensued was a community-wide effort involving Wynyard’s Kinsmen Club, local businesses, scores of volunteers and the town’s senior hockey team.

A fundraiser dedicated to Brantley was established and it was decided it would end with an event at the town’s local rink.

On Feb. 25, the Wynyard Monarchs faced off against the Foam Lake Flyers. In front of a full house, it was Brantley who had the honour of dropping the puck with the captain of each team.

But that was far from all the night had in store for the young hockey fan.

“Both of our U9 teams stood on the ice with him with the flags for O’Canada,” Magnusson explained. “The Monarchs presented him with a jersey that they all signed. There was lots of people from both towns that were so supportive. The teams were phenomenal – they both made donations towards the family.”

“The atmosphere was just wonderful. It actually couldn't have went better,” she laughed while reflecting on the night.

Brantley holding his signed jersey from the Wynyard Monarchs senior team on Feb. 25, 2024. (Courtesy: Peyton Madigan)

According to Ashley, the show of support for her son came at just the right time.

“He's going back to school now and kind of getting his life back and just to have that welcoming experience – it was very memorable for him,” she explained.

A silent auction with over 70 items, a puck toss with the promise of a $1,000 prize, and the sale of mini sticks decorated with the words “Stick it to Cancer for Brantley” were just some elements of the fundraising campaign.

“The second that I asked anybody to help – everybody was helping,” Magnusson said. “People that had no idea who this family was were reaching out to donate. They just wanted to support it.”

“I just hope Brantley has this memory [because] this is a hard journey for him,” she added.

Mini sticks designed by JJ Stitch in Watson, Sask. were sold as part of the fundraiser. The sticks bore the words "Stick it to cancer for Brantley." (Courtesy: Peyton Madigan)

All told, the show of support for the Lambs in terms of donations numbered in the tens of thousands.

“[We’re] just completely mind blown how Wynyard, its not a large community, but they raised over $32,000 for this kid,” Ashley said.

As Brantley sets off to enjoy his time in third grade, Ashley said she can’t thank the community enough for the support they showed her son in his time of need.

“I just want the community to know how thankful we are for each and every one of them,” she said.

“Just seeing there's so many people behind him is such an amazing feeling.”

@claytonkroeker For 40+ years, Pick has been driving the #zamboni in Wynyard, SK. He’s the perfect candidate to start this quest. A nice clean sheet, no wet spots, and no straggler strips. Real efficent work from a seasoned veteran here. The barn was packed for the big rivalry game against Foam Lake and they raised a bunch of money for Brantley’s family. This is was small town sask. is all about. Coming together at the rink to support people in the community. Cant wait to visit more rinks! #sask #saskatchewan #yxe #yqr ♬ Cowboy Sunday - Amanda Rosa Top Stories

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