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'An innate interest in stones': Residents gather for annual Regina Rock and Gem Show

The Regina Rock N' Gem Show returned to Regina over the weekend. (Hallee Mandryk/CTV News) The Regina Rock N' Gem Show returned to Regina over the weekend. (Hallee Mandryk/CTV News)

The largest gem and mineral show in Canada made its way back to the Queen City over the weekend.

Silver Cove is a Red Deer based company that tours across Canada showcasing a collection of crystals, gemstones, jewelry, beads and fossils sourced from across the globe.

Rock lovers stopped by the Viterra International Trade Centre on Sunday to see the display at the Regina Rock N’ Gem Show to decide whether to add to their personal collections.

Sales associate Ben Rautiainen told CTV News that those in attendance have different reasons for showing up at the event – all of which trace back to an appreciation for interesting rocks.

“I think we all have an innate interest in stones and then beyond that, some people have varying interests,” he explained.

“From the geological to the metaphysical and sometimes those are very far apart in those interests. Then there are definitely people who have in interest in both of those – and sometimes it’s just for décor.”

Wrapping up on Sunday, the show will continue its cross Canada with a stop in Saskatoon from April 25 – 28. Top Stories

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