Another fire in the Queen City was sparked by someone disposing of smoking materials incorrectly.

The most recent fire broke out around 2 a.m. Tuesday in the 1900 block of 12 Avenue North. The fire department has already determined the cause of this fire was improperly disposed smoking materials — which could mean cigarettes, lighters and matches.

A dozen fires have been caused by smoking materials so far this year. The usual average is nine fires.

Fire Chief Layne Jackson says fires can start hours after the cigarette was discarded.

While no one was injured in this fire, Jackson says that’s not always the case.

“Due to the careless discarding of smokers materials or the use of them, we’ve seen fatalities,” Jackson said. “We do not want to see that this year, so that’s why we want to get the message out.”

Residents are encouraged to use a metal container for cigarette butts, instead of flower pots or any other containers that may have flammable materials inside of them.