Bill Boyd has been removed from the Saskatchewan Party caucus after the conflict of interest commissioner ruled the MLA’s conduct fell below expected standards in seeking Chinese investment.

Monday’s ruling comes just a few days before the Kindersley MLA and founding member of the party was set to retire on Sept. 1.

In a statement, Premier Brad Wall said he has asked for and received Boyd’s resignation from the Sask. Party caucus.

“Even though Mr. Boyd has already announced his resignation from the Legislative Assembly effective September 1, 2017, I take very seriously the Commissioner's findings and believe his removal from Caucus for his few remaining days as an MLA is warranted,” Wall said in the statement.

“I have taken the further step of referring the Commissioner's opinion to the Ministry of Justice to consider whether any further legal action is warranted.”

In March, Boyd took a private business trip to China to seek investment in a private irrigation venture.

Conflict of interest commissioner Ron Barclay was asked to review the appropriateness of Boyd’s actions.

In assessing Boyd’s conduct, Barclay said the MLA inaccurately represented government involvement in the project. Barclay says MLAs are not to use their office to promote private interest.

The NDP opposition says it is looking into possible sanctions against Boyd.