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Business operations winding down for SLGA stores


Business operations are winding down at Saskatchewan government liquor stores as the remaining 34 locations will close their doors in the new year.

Some prices have been slashed by nearly 50 per cent as the government begins clearing the shelves.

Lori Carr, minister in charge of SLGA said the stores are going to start closing in the third week of January and then slowly transition to the end of March.

“What we’re doing within our stores right now is the SKUs that have the least volume, we’re putting sales on those products and allowing people the opportunity to buy them up now,” she said.

All inventory must be cleared out by March 31 when the government exits liquor retailing. The store licenses will be auctioned off to private interests soon.

The 34 government stores made a $9 million profit just three years ago. That number has declined sharply as more private stores opened.

Because of the closures, 350 full and part time workers will lose their jobs.

NDP MLA Aleana Young said many of the staff have been working in the stores for years.

“I know we’ve heard stories of people saying, ‘You know, I’m a 50-year-old woman. I don’t know what I’m going to do next,’” she said.

Sale items will not be restocked once they’re sold but more popular brands will be as SLGA stores move into their final busy holiday season.

The government announced their plans to sell all SLGA liquor stores and exit the retail market on Oct. 26 of this year. Top Stories

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