The City of Regina is looking at adding two new seasonal off-leash dog parks.

Seasonal, meaning the parks would function as dog parks in the summer, and as outdoor rinks in the winter months.

The city currently has two year-round dog parks; the Cathy Lauritsen Memorial Park in the southwest, and the Ross Industrial Park in the east. Five boarded rinks are also used as dog parks in the summer months.

The community and Protective Services Committee are recommending the city add two more boarded rinks as off leash dog parks. One would be located near the Joanne Goulet Golf Course and the other at the Northwest Leisure Centre

“They can really be good for socializing your animal,” Bill Thorn with the Regina Humane Society said. “The more they’re around dogs the better they can be with them. Also for people, they love talking about their dogs and hanging out with people who have dogs so it’s a great way to socialize there too.”

New parks are currently just proposals, but city council will review the matter on April 29.