Many people in the small community of Wolseley are disgusted and disappointed after hearing word that a beaver was brutally beaten to death Friday.

“I'm sad to think we have people that would do that sort of thing,” said local resident Joselyn Linnell.

Residents of the community say surveillance video from a local bakery showed four men leaving the local bar, then grabbing a chair to beat the beaver.

"The beaver hissed at them and they beat it to death with a chair," said Linnell.

Many residents in the town are upset that the incident took place.

"Very ashamed, this is a good town with good people in it,” said Candice Malo of Wolseley. “Doing that to an animal is disgusting."

Linnell said the beaver has been wandering around the community for about a year.

"We have beavers in town because we have a lake and a dam,” said Linnell. “They are here naturally, so he was seen as a friendly guy."

RCMP say they’re investigating. According to Animal Protection Services, if any animal is inhumanely killed, the guilty party could see a maximum penalty of 18 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $25,000.

"There's a duty to relieve an animal of its distress if you're the owner but the penalties and the other legal provisions apply equally to a wild animal as well as they would to a domestic animal," said Kaley Pugh of Animal Protection Services.

Linnell said the community is now divided over the incident, but she spoke out hoping justice is done for the animal.

"I think you have to be pretty hardened to not know that or to not feel that this was unjustly done," said Linnell.