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Families 'Celebrate Saskatchewan' at Montana’s Brier


The “Celebrate Saskatchewan” event at the 2024 Montana’s Brier attracted people of all ages to check out some of the cool spots the host province has to offer.

"It’s so important because you really need to take a step back and kind of acknowledge the community that you have and just bring people together to celebrate,” Curling Canada’s coordinator of Marketing Markus McKenzie explained.

Those attending the showcase were able to explore exhibits from the Saskatchewan Science Centre, the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame and even try their hand at tossing some stones.

McKenzie described the event as an opportunity for multiple generations to gather and enjoy the same sport.

"Obviously curling is an older demographic, and we're trying to change that perception and get some younger people in the building and really show that curling is for everyone," he explained.

And according to the experts, the approach seemed to work.

"I think curling is a really fun sport" Levi Larrivee, who’s in fifth grade, told CTV News.

"We came here today because we watch curling in our home and our mom's side does curling and so we like the sport,” added seventh grader Emma Johnston. “It’s like interesting to watch and fun to do and it’s another sport to learn and its interesting to learn.”

The 2024 Montana's Brier will continue all week – with the final draw set to take place Sunday, March 10. Top Stories

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