A rally demanding urgent action on climate change is taking place at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

A global climate strike is taking place Friday with participants from countries around the world.

Hundreds of students joined the march that started at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and ended here at the legislative building.

“The first step to moving towards positive change is of course acknowledging that there is a problem,” Alex Flett, strike organizer said. “So what we are trying to get out is for the Saskatchewan government to basically declare a climate emergency and admit that there is in fact a problem here.”

The goal of the rally is to get the attention of the Saskatchewan government and encourage the province to pursue cleaner energy solutions.

The march started at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, and took protesters across the Albert Street Bridge, so walkers could catch the attention of drivers passing by.

"I want to make my voice heard, and I don't think enough is being done, and there isn't a lot of ways for kids like us to make our voice heard, because we can't vote or anything,” Sheldon Williams Collegiate student Emily Henderson said.

The event was organized by Friday’s for Future Regina, and they are planning to hold another student climate strike next Friday.