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Holiday Smile Cookie proceeds shared locally and nationally in Yorkton

Yorkton, Sask. -

The Yorkton community raised approximately $9,580 from this year’s Tim Hortons Holiday Smile Cookie Campaign, and donated half of its proceeds to the local Health Foundation.

The other half of the smile cookie proceeds will go towards supporting Tim Horton Children’s Camps.

Ross Fisher, executive director of the Health Foundation in Yorkton, said the $4,790.70 donated will help fund some of the medical equipment needed at Yorkton Regional Hospital.

"It will help us buy equipment that we're still raising money for this year, for the hospital,” he said.

“We've got a number of pieces of equipment that we consider critical and we're trying to finish those projects off before the end of the year. This is helpful and it also helps us raise awareness about the fact that we’re raising money for the equipment for the hospital in the community.”

Fisher said the campaign is a great way to support various causes – locally and nationally.

“It helps us both because Tim Hortons makes this donation through the Smile Cookie Campaign, and it helps people understand that we need to put this equipment into the hospital,” he said.

Yorkton Tim Hortons was proud of how well this year’s holiday cookie campaign did.

“This year was really good, for the whole smile cookie campaign it was more than $9,500. It was really successful this year,” said Vishal Sharma, General Manager at Yorkton Tim Hortons.

“It was a tremendous support by the community. It was all amazing.”

Yorkton’s Health Foundation continues to raise money and bring awareness for medical equipment that is needed at Yorkton Regional Hospital. Top Stories

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