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Experience Regina admits aspects of tourism campaign were 'offensive or inappropriate'


Regina's city-funded tourism organization says it will be "stringent" when planning future campaigns after its latest effort prompted a backlash online.

Experience Regina tried to tap into some of the more unsavory attempts at humour involving the city's name — namely the fact it rhymes with vagina.

In a statement posted to Twitter, the organization said it has now removed "all content that is offensive or inappropriate."

The move comes after slogans such as "show us your Regina" and "the city that rhymes with fun" fell flat with many residents.

"We are committed to involving more diverse stakeholder groups in our decision-making process to ensure our messaging is always inclusive," the statement said.

The organization also pledged to ensure all aspects of its brand align with the standards of the community.

The statement was signed by Experience Regina's CEO Tim Reid along with the organization's vice president Tara Osipoff and "the Experience Regina team."

Amid the initial uproar surrounding the campaign, Reid tweeted an apology on Sunday, saying "it was clear that we fell short of what is expected from our amazing community."

Previously known as Tourism Regina, the organization rebranded last week as Experience Regina, a name inspired by a viral mock-tourism YouTube video posted in 2008.

The controversial tourism campaign was launched as part of its makeover.

The organization has not yet responded to CTV News' interview requests. Top Stories

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