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Igloos, ice bars, and hiking; Frost Festival kicks off 2023 with new events


Above seasonal temperatures with snow squalls did not slow down the first day of Regina’s Frost Festival.

Some fan favourite events including sleigh rides and skating on Wascana Lake are back for their second season while organizers introduced new elements to this year’s agenda. Many of which embrace the natural side of the Queen City.

Bird watching tours, as well as trips around the lake with hiking enthusiasts, highlight what Regina's nature scene has to offer.

David Drummond has been offering hikes around the lake and said the activity has many benefits for those who join in.

"Getting kids outside in the winter it helps them understand and appreciate how dangerous it can be to see an animal living outside,” Drummond said.

“[It makes you] really appreciate that warm house you go back to every night.”

Frost Festival has been split into four different hubs spread out throughout the city with no shortage of events happening outside of the REAL District.

In the downtown hub near Pat Fiacco Plaza, competitors were participating in the first ever igloo building competition.

Jaden Janzen and his team were eager to build the structure, but were also excited to see what their competitors could create.

"I’m expecting to see a lot of good igloos, a lot of teams coming together and a lot of good design,” Janzen explained. “I think there are a lot of creative people in this city so I am excited to see what everybody makes.”

With the igloo competition a Frost Festival first, organizers are taking notes with the expectation of coming back next year with a larger event.

"There’s a lot of exciting colour and elements and they will be illuminated in the evening and just a really interactive event,” organizer Kayla Lindgren explained.

The warehouse hub is also host to many events, including an ice bar at Rebellion Brewery.

The warehouse hub will be home to events suited for crowds 19+ including snow suit dance parties.

With all the outdoor fun, the Regina Fire and Protective Services (RFPS) reminds the public to dress for winter conditions.

“You want to dress accordingly to the winter and to the weather,” Chief Layne Jackson said.

“So dress in layers and make sure you’re covered especially if it starts to get cold.” Top Stories

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