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'It's getting quite monotonous': Regina apartment building residents baffled by string of thefts


A group of residents of a Regina housing complex are frustrated following a string of odd thefts.

William Lawson believes someone is entering apartments at the Huston Heights housing complex and stealing personal items.

“We make great pains to make sure our door is locked when we leave and when we come back and the door has been unlocked and stuff in our apartment has gone missing,” he told CTV News.

There is no sign of forced entry to any of the apartments that have reported thefts. The doors on each unit are secured with deadbolts that latch into steel frames.

The situation is baffling Lawson and other residents.

“[We] go to painstaking lengths to make sure it’s locked before we leave and then when we return, the door is unlocked,” he said.

According to Lawson, the most recent entry occurred just this week while he and his wife were out shopping. Nothing was taken this time.

Down the hall, resident Ryan Pielak claims the same thing has been happening to him but not as frequently.

“I can’t find anything missing but I come back and my door is unlocked,” Pielak said.

Both Lawson and Pielak are residents of Huston Heights, a housing complex for people with physical challenges in Regina's northwest.

There are security cameras in the building but not in every hallway.

One resident has installed his own hallway camera. Building management has changed Lawson’s door lock numerous times but the incidents keep happening.

Police reports have been made, according to Lawson.

“We’ve called the police maybe two or three times and it’s getting quite monotonous,” he said.

“We just, now we just grin and bear it.”

Going forward, tenants are being urged to report any incidents so that investigations can be conducted. Top Stories

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