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Jeremy Harrison resigns as Sask. Gov't House Leader over allegations he brought gun to legislature


Sask. Party member Jeremy Harrison says he will resign as Government House Leader, revealing he brought a gun into the legislative building a decade ago.

Harrison announced his resignation on Friday following allegations from legislative Speaker Randy Weekes that referenced the firearm.

Harrison said he did not bring a gun to the Legislative Chamber or anywhere in the legislative building during the period Weekes claimed he did. However, he did confirm that about a decade ago he brought one onto the property while going on a hunting trip.

“Approximately a decade ago, I was going hunting on a weekend. I stopped at the Legislative Building for a short period of time and brought a properly cased long gun into the building with the knowledge of security officials so as to not leave it unattended in my vehicle in the parking lot. In retrospect, I should not have done this,” Harrison said in a statement released on Friday.

Harrison also apologized for what he called a lapse in judgment and for not advising the premier at the time of his actions.

He added that current Premier Scott Moe has accepted his resignation as Government House Leader.

The provincial opposition doesn't accept that explanation and called for Harrison to quit completely. 

“It’s now clear that Premier Scott Moe lied to the people of Saskatchewan. Either that or his minister lied to the people of Saskatchewan and if that’s the case, that minister needs to be booted from caucus,” NDP Leader Carla Beck said on Friday. 

Harrison said all the other things that the Speaker said about him are not true.  Harrison will remain the MLA for Meadow Lake as well as the minister of trade export development, immigration and career training, Innovation Saskatchewan and Tourism Saskatchewan. Top Stories


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